Women Benefit More from Regular Exercise Than Men, Study Shows

New research suggests that women experience greater benefits than men from the same amount of regular exercise when it comes to avoiding premature death.


Women Get Greater Benefits from Regular Exercise

According to a recent study, women benefit more from the same amount of regular exercise compared to men. The research suggests that even relatively small amounts of exercise can provide significant benefits for women who may not be getting enough physical activity.

The study, published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, analyzed 412,413 participants without underlying health problems. The results showed that exercise was associated with a reduced risk of premature death for both men and women, but the benefits were greater for women.

For example, women who engaged in 140 minutes of moderate exercise a week had an 18% lower risk of premature death from any cause compared to being inactive. In contrast, men needed 300 minutes of such exercise a week for a similar gain. The reduction in risk increased with time spent exercising, until about 300 minutes of moderate activity per week.

Findings and Limitations of the Study

The study found that women tend to do less physical activity than men, but their mortality risk is more steeply reduced for any given weekly amount or frequency of exercise. The researchers suggest that this may be due to higher relative loads during exercise sessions and the differences in skeletal muscle properties between men and women.

However, it is important to note that the study is based on self-reported exercise and did not include physical activity associated with household chores. Further research is needed to validate these findings and explore other factors that may impact the benefits of exercise for men and women.

Despite its limitations, the study highlights the importance of regular exercise for both men and women. It encourages women who may not be getting enough exercise to start with small amounts and gradually increase their physical activity. Every bit of progress counts towards living longer and healthier lives.

Taking Steps Towards a Healthier Lifestyle

The findings of this study have implications for public health and fitness recommendations. It reinforces the importance of promoting physical activity among women and addressing potential barriers that prevent them from engaging in regular exercise.

The authors hope that the data will encourage women to prioritize their health and understand that even small amounts of exercise can have significant benefits. They emphasize that women do not need to compare themselves to men or anyone else when it comes to their exercise routine. They can follow their own path to success and make progress at their own pace.