Unofficial SteamVR Driver for PSVR 2 to Release Soon as Sony Plans its Own PC VR Support

Sony is bringing PC VR support to PSVR 2 this year, but iVRy is already working on an unofficial SteamVR driver for PSVR 2.


iVRy SteamVR Driver for PSVR 2 Release

Sony has announced plans to bring some form of PC VR support to the PSVR 2 headset this year. However, it is not clear when or how exactly this will be implemented, especially in terms of playing games like Half-Life: Alyx or popular social VR platforms that are currently missing from the PSVR 2 game catalog. While users wait for official support, iVRy, an unofficial project, is working on its SteamVR driver for PSVR 2, which is set to release next month.

After a year of development, Mediator Software, the team behind iVRy, recently announced on social media that their SteamVR driver for PSVR 2 has overcome its last hurdle and is on track to release via Steam next month. This is exciting news for VR enthusiasts, although it is important to note that initially the driver will require a DP-AUX emulator hardware, which will be exclusively available to subscribers of the project’s Patreon. However, the team has indicated that non-subscribers may also have the opportunity to purchase the DP-AUX emulator in the future. The pricing for this hardware is still being determined.

Hurdles to Overcome

In addition to the DP-AUX emulator requirement, there are other challenges to consider when using iVRy for PSVR 2. Currently, the driver only supports a limited selection of AMD GPUs, specifically Radeon RDNA, RDNA2, and RDNA3. This means that it is up to Sony to provide support for NVIDIA GPUs, as there is currently no known way to circumvent this limitation without modifying the GPU drivers.

Another obstacle is controller support. The iVRy driver currently does not include support for PSVR 2’s Sense Controllers. It only supports NoloVR motion controllers and Valve SteamVR (Lighthouse) tracked motion controllers such as those for the Index or Vive. However, Mediator Software has stated that they are working on adding Sense Controller support, so this may be available in the future.

Limited User Base

Due to the current limitations and requirements, the potential user base for the iVRy SteamVR driver for PSVR 2 is relatively small. It mainly appeals to VR enthusiasts who already own a PC VR headset or those who are satisfied with using gamepads as an input method. In fact, Mediator Software suggests that those considering purchasing a Quest 3 or PSVR2 for PCVR should opt for the Quest 3 instead. PSVR2 on PC is more suitable for existing owners who don't want to buy another headset or those who specifically want to use PSVR2 on PC for their own reasons.

However, it is worth noting that Sony has promised official PC support for PSVR 2, which is expected to be available in some capacity in 2024. The specifics of this support have not been disclosed, but it is possible that Sony's implementation may involve a Wi-Fi streaming solution similar to Steam Link or Meta's Air Link, in order to keep PSVR 2 owners connected to the PS5 console ecosystem.