132 Bucks off a PlayStation VR2 Bundle, Mario vs. Donkey Kong Buttstomped Down in Price, and More!

Virtual reality > regular reality. Check out the latest gaming deals in Australia.


Virtual Reality Deals

If you've been considering getting a PlayStation VR2, now is the perfect time. The headset, Sense Controllers, and a great showcase game are now $132 off. As someone who has played a lot of games on the system, I can confidently say that it's an awesome experience and definitely worth adding to your collection.

Celebrate Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath

Today marks the 19th birthday of Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath, a unique and underplayed third-person platformer / FPS hybrid. The game features a bounty hunter named Stranger who uses aggressive mini-critters as ammo. It's considered the best game ever made by its creator, Lorne Lanning. Despite its lack of commercial success, this cult-hit exclusive for the original Xbox is worth checking out in HD Remaster form.

Nintendo Switch Deals

Looking for savings on Nintendo Switch games? Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is currently 24% off, priced at A$68.00. Other discounted games include Mario vs. Donkey Kong (-11%), Animal Crossing New Horizons (-15%), Minecraft Legends Deluxe (-15%), Super Bomberman R2 (-50%), and Castlevania Anniversary Col. (-80%). Don't miss out on these deals!

In the hardware department, you can find Nintendo Switch consoles at various prices. The Switch Zelda TotK is priced at $509, Switch Pokémon at $558, Switch Neon Blue/Red at $424, Switch OLED White at $499, Switch + Sports at $488, and Switch Lite at $252.