The Emergence of Human-Like Medications for Pets

As pet ownership increases, the development of new medications and treatment options for animals is growing. One company leading the way is Zoetis, which recently had the first monoclonal antibody pain treatment for cats and dogs approved.


New Treatment Options for Pets

In the past, there has been a gap between drug development and treatment options for animals compared to humans. However, this is changing as pet ownership skyrockets and the demand for new treatments emerges. Animal medicine companies like Zoetis are now pushing into new drugs and healthcare sectors.

Zoetis, led by CEO Kristin Peck, has been at the forefront of this movement. The company recently had the first monoclonal antibody pain treatment for cats and dogs approved. They are also exploring the development of diabetes and weight-loss drugs for pets. This shift in the development of medications is bringing animal medicine more in line with human medicine.

A Changing Mindset

Historically, pet pharmaceuticals have been limited to necessities like tick or flea collars. However, there has been a shift in mindset among pet owners. Pets are now seen as family members and are given more care than ever before.

This change in mindset has led to a shift in the pharmaceutical pipeline, with a greater emphasis on developing products for companion animals. Zoetis, for example, now generates 64% of its revenue from products for cats and dogs. This shift has allowed for the development of new categories of drugs, such as dermatology-related medications for dogs and cats.

Bridging the Gap

Zoetis credits its spinoff from Pfizer in 2013 for allowing the company to better balance its focus on animal health. This has led to innovative approaches to animal medicine, such as the development of monoclonal antibody treatments for osteoarthritis pain in dogs and cats.

The company is also investing in genetics and biomarkers to improve diagnostics for pets. By analyzing DNA and using artificial intelligence, Zoetis aims to extend the lifespan of animals and improve their quality of life.