Jennifer Garner Explains Her 'Confusing' Pets, Including a Dog Named Birdie and a Cat Named Moose

Jennifer Garner shares the story behind her unusual pet names and reveals Birdie's promotion to therapy dog.


Jennifer Garner's Unusual Pet Names

In a recent interview with the We Rate Dogs YouTube channel, Jennifer Garner discussed her collection of pets with peculiar names. She revealed that her family's pets include a dog named Birdie, a cat named Moose, another dog named Kitty, and a puppy named Bugs. When asked if the names were intentionally confusing, Garner jokingly responded with a laugh, "Yes."

Birdie's Journey to Therapy Dog

During the interview, Garner introduced her eight-year-old golden retriever, Birdie, who accompanied her to the Wallis Annenberg PetSpace in Los Angeles. She shared the story of how Birdie became a part of their family, explaining that her eldest child wanted a dog of her own at the age of 2. Garner thought her daughter would eventually forget about it, but she didn't. So now, they have Birdie.

In an exciting update, Garner revealed that Birdie recently "got a promotion" to serve as a therapy dog at Children's Hospital Los Angeles. Garner expressed how proud she is of Birdie and mentioned that her daughter is eager for Birdie's first visit to the hospital before turning 9.

Jennifer Garner's Fond Memories of Martha Stewart

As the interview progressed, Garner became emotional while reminiscing about her late dog, Martha Stewart. She described Martha as "the goodest good girl that ever lived" and shared how the white Labrador was given to her as a gift after wrapping up filming for the movie 13 Going on 30.

Garner humorously revealed that she used Martha Stewart, the dog, as a way to get onto the real Martha Stewart's cooking show. When she was initially not invited, Garner decided to use the dog as a bribe, and it worked. Garner expressed her admiration for the real Martha Stewart and playfully agreed when the interviewer suggested that if Stewart gets a new dog, it should be named Jennifer Garner.