Stop the party! Acapulco champ De Minaur races to watch Boulter final

Australian’s WTA star girlfriend plays biggest final of career Sunday in San Diego


Acapulco Champion Alex de Minaur Supports Girlfriend Katie Boulter

After successfully defending his ATP Tour title at the Abierto Mexicano Telcel presentado por HSBC, Alex de Minaur chose to prioritize supporting his girlfriend, Katie Boulter, in her biggest final of her career at the WTA 500 event in San Diego.

De Minaur's victory in Acapulco was followed by Boulter's win against Emma Navarro in straight sets. Despite the temptation to celebrate, the Australian tennis player decided to travel to San Diego for the final, showing his unwavering support for his girlfriend.

Known for being a supportive force in Boulter's career, De Minaur mentioned in his on-court interview that he would be catching a flight to watch her play. He stated, 'I’ve got a 6 a.m. flight to go to Tijuana and go and watch Katie play in the final, so I’m looking forward to that.'

Next Steps for De Minaur and Boulter

After Boulter's final, both she and De Minaur will be heading to Indian Wells to compete in the BNP Paribas Open. Their dedication and commitment to their respective careers continue to be a driving force for their success.

De Minaur's decision to support Boulter in her final showcases the strong bond and mutual support that the couple shares. Balancing personal and professional commitments is crucial for athletes, and De Minaur's choice exhibits his dedication to both his career and his relationship.

A Promising Future for De Minaur and Boulter

As De Minaur and Boulter continue to excel in their individual careers, their partnership serves as a source of inspiration for couples navigating the challenges of pursuing their dreams together. With their commitment to each other and their relentless pursuit of success, the future looks bright for the tennis power couple.

Fans eagerly await their performances at the BNP Paribas Open and anticipate more memorable moments from the dynamic duo. De Minaur and Boulter's unwavering support for one another is an example of the deep connection that can exist between athletes, propelling them to new heights in their respective sports.