ATP restores Rublev's rankings points and prize money from Dubai

Andrey Rublev will keep his rankings points and prize money after his default from the Dubai tennis tournament


ATP restores Rublev's rankings points and prize money

In a rare move, the leaders of the men's professional tennis tour, ATP, announced that Andrey Rublev will be allowed to keep the rankings points and prize money he earned before his default from the Dubai tournament.

Rublev, who is ranked fifth in the world, was playing against Alexander Bublik in the semifinals when he yelled at a line judge, accusing them of missing a crucial call. Another line judge reported that Rublev had used an expletive, leading to his default from the match.

ATP rules state that a player who is defaulted from a match loses their rankings points and prize money. However, the ATP decided that the penalties would be disproportionate in Rublev's case and allowed him to keep his semifinal points and prize money, with a fine of $36,400 for the code violation.

Questions raised about the presence of line judges

The incident involving Rublev also sparked questions about the presence of line judges on the court. Many ATP tournaments have shifted to electronic line calling, and it will be mandatory for all tournaments next year.

Some players, including Bublik, argued that having line judges on the court is unnecessary and can lead to issues like Rublev's default. Bublik suggested that removing umpires from matches could solve many issues.

It remains to be seen if the ATP will consider making changes to the rules and protocols regarding match officiating in light of this incident.

Rublev expresses gratitude for the decision

Rublev appealed the ruling, and the ATP announced a reduced penalty on Monday. Rublev expressed his gratitude towards the appeal committee for changing their initial decision.

In a statement, Rublev mentioned that he hopes the ATP will review the rule and implement changes so that an official cannot determine the outcome of a match without clear evidence and without allowing the player to have a video review.

While disappointed that he couldn't finish his semifinal in Dubai, Rublev promised to learn from the incident and strive to be a better player and person.