SF Will Implement Road Closures and Muni Line Rerouting for Super Bowl Celebrations

Caltrans will close select highway off-ramps and reroute Muni buses in San Francisco ahead of the Super Bowl festivities.


Road Closures and Delays

On Sunday night, several off-ramps in San Francisco will be closed by Caltrans in preparation for the Super Bowl celebrations. The affected off-ramps include US-101 Southbound at Cesar Chavez St., US-101 Northbound at Cesar Chavez St., US-101 Northbound at Mission St./Duboce St., I-280 Northbound at San Jose Ave., I-280 Northbound at Geneva Ave., and I-280 Southbound at Geneva Ave. Motorists are advised to anticipate delays during this time.

These road closures are necessary to ensure the smooth flow of traffic and to accommodate the influx of visitors expected in the city. By preemptively closing these off-ramps, congestion and potential traffic issues can be minimized. It is important for residents and commuters to plan their routes accordingly and allow for extra travel time.

Caltrans and local authorities will closely monitor the situation and provide updates regarding any changes or additional closures that may be required. Drivers are encouraged to stay informed and follow the instructions provided by law enforcement personnel.

Rerouting of Muni Buses

In anticipation of the Super Bowl celebrations, San Francisco officials have decided to reroute several Muni buses starting at 5 p.m. on Sunday. This decision is similar to the approach taken during the NFC championship game and aims to avoid congestion in popular areas where Niners fan celebrations are expected.

The affected Muni bus lines include the California, Powell / Hyde, and Powell / Mason Cable Cars; 12 Folsom/Pacific; 14 Mission and 14R Mission Rapid; 22 Fillmore; 27 Bryant; 33 Ashbury/18th Street; 48 Quintara/24th Street; 49 Van Ness/Mission; 55 Dogpatch; and 67 Bernal Heights. These buses will avoid Mission Street, 24th Street, and 16th Street, opting for alternate parallel routes instead.

By rerouting these Muni buses, the authorities aim to ensure the smooth operation of public transportation services while minimizing disruptions caused by the Super Bowl celebrations. Commuters and residents relying on these bus lines should familiarize themselves with the alternative routes to avoid any inconvenience.

Potential Neighborhood Congestion

Officials are cautioning residents and visitors about potential neighborhood congestion during the Super Bowl celebrations. In particular, the Mission District is expected to attract significant crowds and events. To manage the situation effectively, authorities may have to restrict car access to certain streets.

Mission St. from Valencia to South Van Ness, between 15th and 26th streets, as well as 24th St. from 23rd to 25th streets between Valencia and Potrero, could experience access restrictions. These measures are implemented to enhance safety and crowd control, ensuring an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Residents and visitors planning to attend the celebrations are advised to consider alternative modes of transportation, such as public transit or rideshare services, to navigate the potentially congested areas more efficiently. By minimizing private vehicles in these areas, traffic flow can be improved, and the overall experience can be enhanced.


Image via Muni on X