Boeing And Alaska Airlines Hit With $1 Billion Lawsuit By 3 Passengers After 737 MAX 9 Door Blowout

A $1 billion lawsuit was filed by passengers for the Alaska Airlines flight 1282 incident. The plaintiffs hope the lawsuit will push Boeing and Alaska to prioritize safety.


Three passengers sue Boeing and Alaska Airlines for $1 billion

Three passengers onboard the Alaska Airlines flight 1282, which experienced a door blowout, have filed a $1 billion lawsuit against Boeing and the airline. The incident occurred two months ago when the 737 MAX 9 lost its mid-aft door inflight. The lawsuit aims to push both companies to prioritize safety.

A couple from Portland, Oregon, who were on the flight and seated two rows behind a teenager who lost his shirt, are the plaintiffs. Despite Boeing and Alaska acknowledging the incident, the passengers hope that the lawsuit will hold them accountable for any systemic problems that may have contributed to the door blowout.

Passengers recount the terrifying experience

One of the passengers, Kyle Rinker, described the moment the door blew out. He recalls hearing a loud pop and feeling the sudden rush of wind and cold air. Rinker and his girlfriend were seated just one row behind the gaping hole. Since the incident, they have not traveled on an aircraft and are still dealing with the trauma.

According to their attorney, Jonathan Johnson, the couple and another passenger filed the lawsuit on behalf of all the passengers onboard flight 1282. The lawsuit alleges that the flight should not have departed and that the defendants ignored warning signs. The goal is to ensure that Boeing and Alaska prioritize safety and do not rely on luck to prevent future accidents.

Investigation findings and future actions

Preliminary reports from the National Transportation Safety Board revealed that the door plug on the 737 MAX 9 had missing bolts, which contributed to the blowout. The Federal Aviation Administration has given Boeing 90 days to develop a comprehensive plan to address the quality and safety problems of the 737 MAX family.

Boeing and Alaska have both promised to fix the issues with the 737 MAX aircraft. However, the lawsuit filed by the passengers aims to ensure that safety is a top priority for both companies. It remains to be seen how the litigation will progress and what actions Boeing and Alaska will take in response to the $1 billion lawsuit.