Rehash: Exploring the Relationship Between Sex and Technology

Rehash, the podcast shining a light on the internet’s seediest corners, is back with its fourth season. This season, titled 'Sex On The Internet', delves into the reciprocal relationship between sex and technological innovation. Hosts Hannah Raine and Maia Wyman explore various topics, including the impact of the Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee sex tape, the influence of Sasha Grey on the porn industry, and the consequences of revenge porn and deepfake porn. Tune in to this explicit yet academic exploration of the intersection between sex and technology.


The Symbiotic Relationship Between Sex and Technology

Over the past few decades, sex has played a crucial role in driving technological innovation. The internet as we know it today owes its existence to our obsession with sex. Streaming services, VR, social networking apps, and the digital media business model were all born out of the desperate desire for porn. In its fourth season, Rehash explores this symbiotic relationship between our two most basic desires: innovation and getting off.

The Toronto-based podcast is known for its in-depth analysis of social media phenomena. Hosts Hannah Raine and Maia Wyman, both internet experts in their own right, examine various subjects ranging from viral moments to cultural events. In their latest season, they dive into the world of sex on the internet, covering topics like the Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee sex tape, Sasha Grey as the internet's first porn star, and the impact of platforms like Tumblr and OnlyFans.

Rehash aims to maintain an academic lens while delving into explicit topics. Hosts Hannah and Maia bring their unique perspectives to create a nuanced discussion about the intersection of sex and technology.

Exciting Episodes to Look Forward to

Host Maia Wyman shares her excitement for upcoming episodes, particularly the one on Sasha Grey. Grey's influence on the porn industry and her impact on the prevalence of kink will be thoroughly explored. Other episodes cover topics like FOSTA/SESTA, the transition from Tumblr to OnlyFans, and the consequences of revenge porn. Each episode promises to provide an intriguing look into the relationship between sex and technology.

With episodes on a diverse range of topics, the fourth season of Rehash offers listeners a chance to gain a deeper understanding of how sex has shaped the internet and vice versa. From famous sex tapes to the rise of new platforms, the podcast leaves no stone unturned in its exploration of this enduring theme.

From Revenge Porn to Deepfake Porn

In their discussion on revenge porn, Maia Wyman acknowledges the efforts to stigmatize it. The cultural stigma around revenge porn has grown significantly, thanks to awareness efforts. However, deepfake porn has now become a prominent concern. As technology advances, the internet continues to trespass women's bodies. The push-and-pull between women gaining agency and having it taken away still persists. Despite the fear surrounding deepfake porn, efforts like Taylor Swift's actions against it may lead to more stringent measures against this invasive practice.

Additionally, the reputation of today's young people as 'puriteens' is brought up. Maia agrees that Gen Z tends to be more puritanical when it comes to discussing sex and sexuality. The overcorrection of previous generations' approach to sex education plays a role in this shift. However, Maia also acknowledges that this is a generalization and that not all of Gen Z falls into this category.

The impact of this puritanical mindset on culture is a source of concern. Industries, being risk-averse, avoid projects that center around desire and sex. This leads to a decrease in the representation of sex on screen. Although some filmmakers attempt to be provocateurs, their work often lacks substance. Rehash aims to bring nuance to these discussions, exploring the intersection of culture and technology in a way that is often missing in other media outlets.