CEO's Response to Employee's Resignation Goes Viral

A CEO's recent email response to an employee's resignation letter has sparked outrage and criticism online.


Abusive Behavior Leads to Resignation

A Reddit user recently shared their experience of quitting their job after enduring verbal abuse from their CEO.

The user explained that they had been subjected to insults and verbal abuse for a year but stayed in the job because they saw it as a good opportunity.

However, things escalated in the past month, with the CEO becoming even more aggressive and verbally abusive.

The Final Straw

After enduring four full days of being cussed out by the CEO, the user decided that enough was enough.

In the middle of the CEO's insulting and swearing, the user verbally resigned, refusing to tolerate the mistreatment any longer.

The CEO responded by telling the user to leave, and later proceeded to contact their coworkers, instructing them to block and cut off communication with the user.

CEO's Response Goes Viral

In response to the user's resignation email, the CEO sent a two-paragraph, poorly written response.

The lack of empathy and professionalism in the CEO's email has caused widespread condemnation and ignited a viral backlash.

The Reddit post sharing the email has received over 14,000 upvotes and numerous comments from internet users expressing their thoughts on the situation.