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Why Privacy Matters to Us

We believe that trustworthy health information should be accessible to everyone. To make this possible, we rely on advertising, which helps us provide authoritative experiences reviewed by healthcare professionals. However, delivering this valuable service comes at a cost. That's why we collect and securely process your personal data - to deliver a relevant experience and support our business.

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How We Process Your Personal Data

When you use our Healthline Media Websites and Apps, we and our partners process your personal data in various ways to enhance your experience:

1. Storing and/or accessing information on your device: This allows us to remember your preferences and provide a seamless browsing experience.

2. Limited data usage for advertising: We use minimal data to select relevant advertisements based on your interests.

3. Creating profiles for personalized advertising: By analyzing your data, we personalize ads specifically suited to your preferences.

4. Using profiles to select personalized content: We curate content that aligns with your individual needs and interests.

5. Measuring advertising and content performance: This helps us assess the effectiveness of our marketing efforts and improve your experience.

6. Understanding audiences through statistics and data combinations: We analyze aggregated data to better understand our audience and optimize our services.

7. Developing and improving services: Your personal data helps us enhance and refine our offerings.

8. Limited data usage for content selection: We utilize minimal data to present you with relevant and valuable content.

Your Options and Our Commitment

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