Meta Quest+ is Now Like Game Pass For Your VR Headset

Meta Quest+ is introducing a new game catalog that works similar to Microsoft's Game Pass subscription. Users will have access to a rotating selection of games in various genres. Additionally, Meta is offering enticing deals for subscribers, including store credit and special promotions.


New Game Catalog for Meta Quest+

Meta Quest+ is introducing a new games catalog on March 1st. This catalog will feature a diverse range of game genres, from action and adventure to RPGs, strategy, and puzzlers. The collection will include rotating titles to provide a constant stream of fresh content for users. With this update, Meta aims to make Quest+ more similar to Xbox and PC's Game Pass subscription, bringing a wider selection of games to VR headset users.

Previously, Meta Quest+ offered access to a couple of games each month for a fixed monthly fee, allowing users to keep the games as long as they remained subscribed. Now, with the new catalog, users will have access to a rotating selection of games, potentially including more popular and attractive titles that may not be available permanently.

The initial catalog will include 24 games, such as Fruit Ninja and The Climb, and Meta plans to add and remove games in the coming months. It's important to note that the games catalog is not replacing the current model, and subscribers will still receive their two monthly games.

Enticing Deals for Meta Quest+ Subscribers

Meta Quest+ is offering attractive deals for subscribers. From March 1 to May 31, purchasing or upgrading to an annual subscription for $59.99 will provide subscribers with $25 in store credit. This store credit can be used to enhance their library by purchasing new games.

New subscribers can also take advantage of special promotions. Until December 31, the first month of subscription is free, followed by the monthly subscription fee of $7.99. Additionally, purchasers of the 512GB Meta Quest 3 will receive a complimentary six-month trial of Meta Quest+.

These deals make the Meta Quest+ subscription even more appealing for users who want to explore a wide variety of games for their VR headset.

How to Access Meta Quest+

To access Meta Quest+, visit Meta's website for more information. The new game catalog will undoubtedly make the service more attractive to many users seeking a diverse selection of games for their VR headsets.

Meta Quest+ continues to evolve and offer more options to enhance the gaming experience. With the addition of the games catalog and enticing deals, Meta aims to provide a compelling subscription service for VR headset users.