Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams Attend Valentino Show at Paris Fashion Week

Tennis players Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams both made an appearance at the Valentino show during Paris Fashion Week. Sharapova arrived early, while Williams walked in just before the show started. Despite their on-court rivalry, the two athletes expressed their admiration for the fashion industry and the effort that goes into producing fashion shows.


Sharapova and Williams Show Love for Fashion

Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams, two renowned tennis players, were spotted at the Valentino show during Paris Fashion Week. Sharapova arrived early, and Williams walked in just before the show was set to begin. Despite their intense rivalry on the tennis court, the two athletes embraced the fashion world and expressed their appreciation for the effort that goes into creating a fashion show.

Sharapova reflected on her experiences attending various fashion shows throughout Paris Fashion Week, including Victoria Beckham and Herm├Ęs. She mentioned her admiration for female designers and the challenges they face in juggling motherhood and work. Sharapova has taken inspiration from the fashion industry and is currently working on a platform that is adjacent to fashion but encompasses various aspects of her interests. She kept the details mysterious, stating that it's still in the early stages.

Gracie Abrams Finds Inspiration in Fashion

Singer Gracie Abrams, who attended the Valentino show, shared her excitement about being in a new environment and surrounded by artists during fashion week. Abrams expressed her love for both music and fashion as forms of self-expression. She mentioned how inspiring it is to be dressed by talented fashion designers and admitted that she typically has a low-maintenance style.

Abrams wore a lace dress to the show, which she added another layer to as it was slightly sheer. She hinted at an upcoming album but kept the details under wraps, only mentioning that the writing process has been cathartic. She expressed her eagerness for the album to be released to the public.

Molly Gordon Pursues a Career in Screenwriting

Actress Molly Gordon, known for her roles in "Booksmart" and "The Bear", discussed her aspirations of becoming a director while attending the Valentino show. Gordon, who has previously co-directed a film, is now working on her own screenplay. She shared her creative process, describing it as a constant cycle of love and hate for her own work.

Gordon mentioned the influence of directors she has worked with in the past and how she continues to learn from them. She expressed her excitement about the possibility of her screenplay being turned into a film and emphasized the importance of taking creative risks. While Gordon has no plans to enter the fashion industry, she did appreciate the practicality of her Valentino minidress, as it had pockets.