Loewe Fall 2024 Ready-to-Wear Collection at Paris Fashion Week

Runway shows seem to fall into two main camps this European season: Ones that focus on real clothes (Dior, Bottega Veneta, Burberry) and those that propose concepts (Saint Laurent, Marni, Undercover). At Loewe, Jonathan Anderson offered helpings of both, his fall show pinging between quirky luxury and blasts of chic, though perhaps fewer of the latter than a few seasons ago.


A Blend of Quirky Luxury and Chic at Loewe Fall 2024

Loewe's fall show at Paris Fashion Week showcased a blend of quirky luxury and chic design. The collection, designed by Jonathan Anderson, offered a mix of real clothes and conceptual pieces. Anderson's morning coats, with witchy points and extended sides, served as a metaphor for class and provenance. The show featured unexpected craftsmanship and was staged in a museum-like setting with small landscape paintings on the walls.

The Evolution of Looks

As the show progressed, the looks at Loewe became either quirkier or more boyish. The collection included draped floral minidresses with unique shoulder details and jumbo-sized cargo pants. The pants were styled with neat little blazers and crisp shirts. Notable elements included imposing silver lapels on coats and mannish jackets carved from wood. The collection drew inspiration from the 1920s and showcased a range of offbeat prints.

The Empowering Morning Coats

One of the standout elements of the Loewe Fall 2024 collection was the morning coats. Designed after studying coats from the 1920s, Jonathan Anderson's morning coats were handsomely cut with extended sides. Anderson found them empowering and believed they made the wearer hold themselves differently. The coats were a central theme of the show, representing class and provenance.