Mansplaining: Golf Pro Georgia Ball Reacts to Viral TikTok Video

Georgia Ball, a female golf pro, discusses the viral reaction to her 'mansplaining' TikTok video.


Georgia Ball's Viral 'Mansplaining' Clip

Georgia Ball, a certified PGA pro and instructor, recently posted a TikTok video that has gone viral. The video captures the moment when a male golfer critiques her technique.

The 90-second clip, filmed at a driving range near Liverpool, shows Georgia finishing her swing, only to be interrupted by a male voice off-camera. The voice offers unsolicited advice, telling her what she should and shouldn't be doing.

Despite Georgia explaining that she's going through a swing change, the man continues to give advice. The video ends with Georgia hitting a great shot, proving that her technique is not as flawed as he suggested.

The Reaction and Support

Since posting the video, Georgia Ball has received overwhelming support and positive reactions. The clip has been viewed over 10 million times and has garnered 25,000 comments. Many viewers commended Georgia for her polite response and criticized the unseen observer for mansplaining.

There were suggestions that Georgia could have shut down the conversation by mentioning her professional background, but she prefers to handle such situations with humility. She acknowledges that the man was correct about some aspects of her swing, even if his delivery could have been better received by her followers.

Georgia Ball's Experience with Mansplaining

While the viral video resonated with many viewers, Georgia Ball clarifies that mansplaining is not something she regularly encounters. She has positive interactions with both males and females on a daily basis.

She describes the encounter in the video as an 'awkward situation' but has since been able to find humor in it. Georgia is grateful for the support and messages she has received and is glad that the majority of golfers are looking to help each other.

Overall, Georgia views the reaction to her video as positive and appreciates the support she has received from her followers.