Anthony Kim Struggles in LIV Golf Tournament Debut

Anthony Kim returned to professional golf after a 12-year hiatus but faced challenges at the LIV Jeddah event in Saudi Arabia.


A Challenging Return to Golf

Anthony Kim made his eagerly anticipated comeback to golf at the LIV Jeddah event in Saudi Arabia.

After more than a decade away from the sport, it was expected that Kim would face difficulties. And that's exactly what happened. He struggled throughout the tournament and finished in last place with a 4-over 74 on Sunday.

In total, Kim ended the tournament with a score of +16, which was 11 shots worse than second-to-last place. Despite the disappointing result, Kim is in good spirits and optimistic about his game.

Kim expressed his encouragement after the tournament, stating, 'I'm more encouraged after playing this tournament and playing like ass, really. But I'm very encouraged. I'm excited about what's coming. My game is starting to shape up. I'm doing things that I used to do before.'

Slow Starts Hindered Kim's Performance

Kim acknowledged that slow starts on each day affected his overall performance. He began the second round on Saturday with three consecutive bogeys and a double on the fourth hole.

Despite the slow starts, Kim believes that with time, he will be able to improve his mindset and perform better from the beginning. He said, 'Unfortunately, it's still taking me a couple of holes to get comfortable. I think most of my over-par scores are from the first six holes. If I can just figure out a way to get my mind right before I get out there, I think I'll be in great shape.'

These slow starts are expected after such a long break from professional golf. Both Kim and LIV Golf CEO Greg Norman remain optimistic about his future performance and are invested in his success.

Kim's next opportunity to regain his form will be at the Hong Kong tournament from March 8-10.

Looking Ahead

Despite the challenges faced in his comeback tournament, Anthony Kim remains determined and optimistic about his future in golf.

While he finished at the bottom of the leaderboard, Kim believes that his game is gradually improving and that he is rediscovering the skills he had before his hiatus.

Fans and golf enthusiasts will eagerly await Kim's next tournament in Hong Kong, where he will have another chance to showcase his talents and compete against top players.