Keeping your Pets safe During the Solar Eclipse

As we near the eclipse, many pet owners have been asking about how to keep their four-legged friends safe during the event.


Pets' Natural Instincts Protect Their Eyes

Veterinarian Natalie Prischak of Glenwood Pet Hospital tells us that both dogs and cats do not realize a solar eclipse is happening, so there's no need to get them a pair of eclipse glasses. Their natural instincts are to not look directly into the sun to protect their eyes.

"Our pets tend to be less in tune with the light than other animals," said Prischak. "Livestock and Wildlife, you're definitely going to see a change. People with backyard chickens, you don't have to really worry about anything, but you might notice them acting differently."

Keeping Anxious Pets Indoors

Thousands of visitors are expected to travel to Erie for this once in a lifetime event. Prischak says that if you have an anxious pet, it's best to leave them out of the eclipse festivities.

"I think if you're worried, the safest thing to do is just keep them inside... We're not focusing on the pet. It would be easy for them to wander off just like any other event."

Importance of Correct Viewing Glasses

If you do plan to watch the eclipse, eye doctors stress getting the correct viewing glasses.


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