In L.A., Felix Art Fair’s Intimate Sixth Edition Is a Standout

Felix Art Fair's 2024 edition in Los Angeles proved to be a premier art fair that offered a unique and immersive experience for attendees. With meticulous planning and collaboration with the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, the fair successfully managed long lines and wait times from previous years. The idyllic setting and approachable atmosphere allowed galleries to showcase emerging artists and foster intimate interactions with the artwork.


Meticulous Planning and Collaboration for a Seamless Experience

The Felix team, in close collaboration with the hotel staff, ensured that the VIP preview and the overall fair experience ran smoothly. Last year's long lines and wait times were a distant memory as organizers fine-tuned every aspect of visitor experience, including elevator queues and drink stands. Mills Morán, the fair's co-founder, expressed satisfaction with the flow of traffic and movement of people.

Attendees appreciated the attention to detail and the overall positive atmosphere at the fair. The combination of careful planning and a sunny, inviting environment contributed to guests' enjoyment and satisfaction.

Getting people to move smoothly through the fair and keeping them in a positive mood added to the success of the event. The Felix team's efforts in managing logistics and ensuring a pleasant experience were well-received by attendees.

An Intimate and Approachable Atmosphere for Art Appreciation

Felix Art Fair's sixth edition featured 66 exhibitors across the poolside cabanas and hotel floors. The fair aimed to create a casual and intimate environment that allowed galleries to take risks with emerging artists. Attendees had the opportunity to interact with the artwork on a more personal level, as if viewing pieces in their own homes.

In addition to the exhibition spaces, Felix introduced collaborations with Dover Street Market and Mercedes-AMG Race Service VIP Lounge. These additions attracted a different crowd and offered a unique shopping experience alongside the art. The fair's founders focused on keeping the fair fresh and engaging for attendees.

The combination of an intimate atmosphere, curated exhibitions, and the opportunity to browse and shop in a relaxed setting contributed to the overall success of Felix Art Fair's sixth edition.

Highlights of Exhibitors and Sales

Exhibitors at Felix Art Fair showcased a diverse array of talent, featuring both emerging and mid-career artists. The fair attracted notable names in the art industry, and sales were reported within the first few hours. Galleries highlighted the positive experiences and strong interest from collectors.

Noteworthy mentions include Miami's Nina Johnson, which sold all but one of the works from its solo booth before 2 p.m. Charles Moffett brought works by artists that took full advantage of the indoor-outdoor setup, resulting in successful sales. Residency Art Gallery attracted interested parties despite its location on the second floor, and Felix veteran The Breeder brought artists from sub-Saharan Africa, Greece, and the U.S.

Overall, Felix Art Fair showcased a vibrant and diverse range of artworks and provided a platform for galleries to take risks and attract both new and recurring clients.