Highlights from Felix Art Fair at Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

Discover the standout artworks and artists from this year's edition of Felix Art Fair at Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles, 2024.


Sahana Ramakrishnan at Fridman Gallery

One of the notable artists at Felix L.A. was Sahana Ramakrishnan, whose large paintings captivated viewers with their strong presence. Ramakrishnan draws inspiration from Indian mythology to depict the reversal of predator and prey, subverting the natural order. In her artwork titled 'Song of the Naga', a man is surrounded by body parts and ocean waves, with two heads overlooking him. Ramakrishnan's detailed paintings, created through layered techniques and incorporating mantras, reward prolonged viewing.

Talia Levitt at Rachel Uffner Gallery

At Rachel Uffner Gallery, Talia Levitt's paintings stood out for their subtle textural effects. Levitt scores her canvases and then paints everyday scenes from her life on top of these uneven surfaces, creating a fabric-like pattern. Her trompe l'oeil techniques play with the viewer's perception. The booth also featured Anne Buckwalter's paintings, which pay homage to craft traditions, and Gitte Maria Moller's mixed media works combining small prints, beads, and charms.

Kathryn Goshorn at Storage

Kathryn Goshorn's egg tempera paintings at Storage evoke memories of her estranged father. In soft gray hues, Goshorn depicts the lighting and disposal of cigars smoked by her dad. These precious artworks avoid sentimentality. Nearby, Barbara Nitke's photograph titled 'Bathroom Kiss' captures an intimate moment of two figures in lingerie and bondage gear, while Adam Lupton's painting portrays a person in bed consumed by their phone. Lupton's work features cut canvas pieces and transferred paint, creating a layered and dense effect.

Cheryl Pope and Jake Troyli at Monique Meloche Gallery

Monique Meloche Gallery showcases the works of Cheryl Pope and Jake Troyli, both former athletes turned artists. Pope uses needle-punched wool on cashmere to depict intimate moments between lovers, while Troyli's paintings depict wrestling figures. The physical contact implied in Pope's artwork finds resonance in Troyli's visual representations.

Angeline Rivas at Chris Sharp Gallery

Angeline Rivas's vibrant canvases at Chris Sharp Gallery draw attendees in with their mesmerizing swirls, reminiscent of cosmic visions and natural formations. Inspired by the Light and Space movement and Spiritualism, Rivas incorporates remnants of graffiti, grounding her celestial paintings in the streets of Los Angeles.

Isabelle Albuquerque at Nicodim

Isabelle Albuquerque's phallic bronze and silver sculpture 'Shadow Cruiser' commands attention in the center of a bedroom floor. The piece rises to meet the viewer's gaze, creating a powerful presence. Also showcased at Nicodim are Jeanine Britto's enigmatic and subtly menacing paintings. 'Modern Medicine' depicts a woman's torso bleeding into a glass heart container, while 'The Feminine Urge to Sacrifice' shows a scantily clad woman cutting into a fawn with a knife.