How to Use AI Tools to Improve Quality of Internet Searches

Internet search companies have already built artificial intelligence (AI) tools into their systems. And the use of AI systems to support internet searches is expected to grow sharply in coming years.


AI Tools in Internet Search

Internet search companies are incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) tools into their systems. This trend is expected to continue growing in the future.

The integration of AI systems into internet search engines has the potential to greatly improve the overall search experience for users.

Google currently processes about 80% of the world's internet search requests and utilizes AI tools in its search engine.

AI Tools and Risks

While AI-powered search tools offer many benefits, there are also potential risks associated with their use.

One risk is the potential for these tools to present false or misleading information as fact.

Another concern is the possibility of AI systems producing biased results that perpetuate long-standing biases against minorities and underrepresented communities.

Finding and Using AI Search Tools

Many major search companies make it easy for users to access AI search engines on their main search pages.

Google's chatbot tool, Gemini, is readily available on desktop and mobile browsers, providing search assistance and other chatbot actions.

Microsoft's Bing search engine incorporates AI-powered results through its Chat and Copilot buttons underneath the main search window.


Results and Considerations

AI-powered search tools often provide longer and more readable collections of information compared to traditional search results.

Results from different AI tools can vary significantly, making it worthwhile to try out different options.

AI-assisted search tools can be particularly useful when searching for more obscure facts or information.