Hailey Bieber’s Sister Arrested for Assault and Battery After Allegedly throwing Used Tampon at Bartender

Hailey Bieber’s sister, Alaia Baldwin, has been arrested for assault and battery after allegedly throwing a used tampon at a bartender.


Arrest and Charges

Alaia Baldwin Aronow, the older sister of Hailey Bieber, was arrested last Saturday for an incident at a Georgia club. She was booked on charges of simple assault, simple battery, battery, and criminal trespassing, according to the police report.

Security footage showed Baldwin Aronow forcefully entering the locked employee bathroom. Bartender Haleigh Cauley claimed that Baldwin Aronow asked for a few minutes to change her tampon, which she was granted. However, when Cauley entered the restroom again, Baldwin Aronow threw her used tampon at her. Security intervened and removed Baldwin Aronow from the club, but she resisted and fought against the bouncer escorting her out.

The police report also mentioned that the footage captured Baldwin Aronow pulling a bouncer's hair and hitting another bouncer in the genitals.

Different Accounts

Alaia Baldwin Aronow denied initially throwing the used tampon but later admitted to the action. She shared a different version of events and claimed that she had been forcefully removed from the club. Baldwin Aronow stated that she needed to use the bathroom to change her tampon and vomit.

When questioned about the alleged attack on the bouncers, Baldwin Aronow stated that she was only defending herself.

Legal Consequences

Alaia Baldwin Aronow is facing charges of assault for throwing the used tampon and battery for kicking the bouncer in the genitals and ripping out the second bouncer's hair. Her arrest came shortly before her father, Stephen Baldwin, asked for prayers for Hailey Bieber and her husband, Justin Bieber.

Hailey Bieber is reportedly upset about her father's actions, although the reason for Stephen Baldwin's request for prayers remains unknown.