Sydney Sweeney Addresses Affair Rumors and Box Office Flop on 'Saturday Night Live'

Actress Sydney Sweeney, the host of 'Saturday Night Live,' addressed rumors about an affair with her co-star Glen Powell and poked fun at her box office bomb 'Madame Web.'


Sydney Sweeney Denies Affair Rumors

During her monologue on 'Saturday Night Live,' Sydney Sweeney addressed the rumors that she was having an affair with her co-star Glen Powell while filming 'Anyone But You.' Sweeney clarified that the rumors were not true and mentioned that her fiancé, who produced the movie, was with her throughout the shoot.

Despite the ongoing narrative during the filming and press tour for 'Anyone But You,' both Sweeney and Powell have denied any romantic involvement. Sweeney assured the audience that Powell is the man of her dreams and that they are still together and stronger than ever.

Sydney Sweeney Jokes About Box Office Flop

Sweeney also addressed her recent box office flop, 'Madame Web,' during her monologue. The actress joked about the film's poor performance, mentioning that not many people had seen it. 'Madame Web,' a female-fronted Marvel drama starring Dakota Johnson, only made $17.6 million on its opening weekend in February.

Sydney Sweeney Teases About Weight-Loss Injections

In addition to the affair rumors and box office flop, Sweeney took a lighthearted jab at her looks and Hollywood's beauty standards. Refuting a rumor that she had used a nutritionist, Sweeney joked about her enviable figure and mentioned a popular weight-loss injection called Ozempic. She playfully said that she stays in shape by running, avoiding sugar, and using Ozempic, which is an FDA-approved medication for Type-2 diabetes but is also used for weight loss.