Golf Fans React as Thomas Detry 5-Puts from 6 Feet at Cognizant Classic

Thomas Detry's devastating 5-putt on the 6th green at the PGA National has sparked strong reactions from golf fans.


Thomas Detry's Unfortunate 5-Putt

During the second round of the Cognizant Classic, Thomas Detry created a major blunder on the 6th hole.

From just six feet away from the hole, he managed to 5-putt and ended up with a quadruple bogey eight.

It was a shocking turn of events on a challenging hole at PGA National.

Detry's Struggles Continue

The 6th hole at PGA National measures 461 yards with water running along the left side.

After hitting his tee shot in the fairway, Detry's second shot landed 53 feet away from the pin on the back left of the green.

His troubles began when he lagged his birdie putt to about six feet. From there, things quickly went downhill with four more putts.

Reactions and Perspective

Detry's poor performance not only made golfers cringe, but it also generated significant reactions on social media.

Fellow golfer Michael Kim, who played alongside Detry, shared the interaction he had with Detry's caddy after the disastrous 6th hole.

The blunder on the green left many speechless and gave golf fans something to talk about.