Emily Blunt Denies Being the Mystery Actor Who Berated Rebecca Ferguson on Set

Emily Blunt has cleared her name amid the ongoing search for the unnamed actor who berated Rebecca Ferguson on a movie set.


Rebecca Ferguson's Experience on Set

Rebecca Ferguson, who is currently promoting Dune: Part Two, revealed in an interview that she once refused to work with an actor who publicly berated her on set.

The actor would yell at her in front of the whole crew, criticizing her acting skills and the quality of her work. Despite her discomfort and vulnerability, the actor's behavior was excused because they were the 'number one on a call sheet'. This lack of support and the continuous abuse caused Rebecca to cry walking off set.

Eventually, Rebecca reached her breaking point and informed the film's producers that she could no longer work with the actor. She stood up for herself, telling the person off and stating that she never wanted to see them again.

Speculations and Support

Since Rebecca did not reveal the identity of the actor, speculations began circulating online to determine who it might be. However, Rebecca ruled out Tom Cruise and Hugh Jackman as potential culprits.

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson was the first to come to Rebecca's defense, sharing his admiration for her and expressing his desire to find out who mistreated her. Emily Blunt, who worked with Rebecca on The Girl on the Train, also denied being the actor in question, stating that there is only love between her and Rebecca.

Meanwhile, fans have been digging up videos of Rebecca with past co-stars such as Jake Gyllenhaal and Ewan McGregor to try and narrow down the list of potential suspects. However, unless Rebecca confirms the identity herself, it may remain a mystery.

The Untold Truth

Rebecca has not commented on the ongoing speculation, leaving the identity of the actor undisclosed. Without her confirmation, the public may never know who mistreated her on set.

To gain more insight into Rebecca's experience and her perspective on the incident, you can watch her full appearance on the Reign With Josh Smith podcast.