'Dune' Star Rebecca Ferguson Takes a Stand Against Disrespectful Co-Star

Rebecca Ferguson, star of 'Dune: Part Two,' shares her experience of working with a disrespectful co-star and how she stood up for herself.


The Experience with the Disrespectful Co-Star

Rebecca Ferguson revealed in an interview on the 'Reign' podcast that she had worked with an 'absolute idiot' co-star who made disparaging remarks towards her.

The co-star's behavior was driven by their insecurity and anger due to difficulties with scenes. Ferguson, feeling vulnerable and uncomfortable, was often screamed at, resulting in her walking off the set and even crying.

The situation escalated as the co-star would openly criticize Ferguson in front of the entire crew, questioning her abilities as an actor. Although she was initially scared, Ferguson eventually confronted the co-star, telling them to 'get off my set' and expressing her intention to never work with them again.

Not Referring to Tom Cruise or Hugh Jackman

Rebecca Ferguson clarified that the disrespectful co-star she mentioned in her interview was neither Tom Cruise nor Hugh Jackman. She has worked with both actors on multiple projects and praised them for their professionalism.

Ferguson has an extensive list of collaborations with renowned actors in Hollywood, including Meryl Streep, Hugh Grant, Emily Blunt, Zendaya, Timothée Chalamet, and Florence Pugh.

Lack of Support from Executives

Ferguson also shared her disappointment with the lack of support from executives on the set when dealing with the disrespectful co-star. Although she suggested finding ways to work around the co-star's presence, the producers insisted on allowing them to continue filming.

This experience served as a turning point for Ferguson, leading her to prioritize her well-being and never allowing herself to question or tolerate such mistreatment again. It was a significant lesson that shaped her approach to work in the last decade.


Celebrities Showing Support

Rebecca Ferguson's revelation has gained widespread attention, with fellow actor Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson expressing his support for her. Johnson, who worked with Ferguson on the film 'Hercules,' praised her for standing up against the mistreatment.

Johnson's comments, posted on X, aimed to clear his name as a potential suspect co-star while emphasizing his appreciation for Ferguson's strength and character. The supportive response from Johnson further highlights the importance of creating a respectful and nurturing working environment in the entertainment industry.