Daniel Roseberry's Fall Collection for Schiaparelli

Daniel Roseberry, the creative director of Schiaparelli, has taken the brand in a new direction for his fall collection.


A Grounded Direction for Schiaparelli

Daniel Roseberry, the creative director of Schiaparelli, has been known for delivering viral celebrity looks and attention-grabbing runway moments. However, for his fall collection, Roseberry decided to take a more grounded approach.

The collection consisted of 40 looks showcased in a dark room. This subtle presentation was a departure from his previous bold and high-profile shows.

"It’s no longer about building visibility, it’s about building something that will take the buzz and convert it into brand equity," explained Roseberry during a preview.

With this collection, Roseberry aimed to create outfits that women can wear on a daily basis, while still maintaining the luxury and refinement that Schiaparelli is known for.

Western Influence and Surrealist Touches

One of the standout elements of Roseberry's fall collection was his chic take on the Western trend. He introduced suits with a new high-waisted, low-crotch pant style that pooled around the feet. These suits were paired with cowboy boots featuring rhinestone piercings and hair braids worn as ties.

The outerwear pieces in the collection also featured Surrealist touches, such as gold nipple-shaped buttons on a cream coat and skeleton quilting on a cropped puffer jacket. The proportions were bold, with neon shearling and maxi shoulders reminiscent of the late designer Claude Montana.

While Roseberry maintained his penchant for exaggerated effects, he also incorporated more restrained elements into his eveningwear. Monochrome gowns with graphic cutout details and a black velvet bustier and pants worn by Irina Shayk showcased a sense of simplicity and rawness.

A New Direction for Schiaparelli

After five years of making loud statements, Roseberry took a step back and allowed his clothes to speak for themselves. The fall collection marked a shift towards a quieter and more refined form of luxury.

The collection showcased Roseberry's ability to balance extravagance with simplicity. While there were still eye-catching elements, such as leather looks embossed with giant crocodile scales, the overall vibe was more minimalistic and raw.

With this new direction, Roseberry aims to build brand equity for Schiaparelli and create clothes that women can effortlessly project themselves into.