CNN Hero of the Year Winner Dr. Kwane Stewart Makes Heartfelt Announcement

Dr. Kwane Stewart, the founder of Project Street Vet, has been named the 2023 CNN Hero of the Year for his work in providing medical care to the pets of homeless individuals. In his acceptance speech, Stewart expressed his passion for being a veterinarian and his gratitude for the opportunity to help those in need. This article discusses Stewart's journey and how he started Project Street Vet to make a difference in the lives of animals and their owners.


A Veterinarian's Inspiration

Stewart's journey began over a decade ago when he stopped to examine a homeless man's dog outside a convenience store. After treating the dog's skin condition, Stewart was moved by the man's gratitude. This encounter inspired him to start Project Street Vet, a nonprofit organization that provides medical care to pets of homeless individuals.

Stewart believes that it doesn't matter what someone's situation is, if he sees a pet in need, he sees a person who cares for the animal and just needs some assistance. His goal is to help both the pets and their owners while spreading compassion and understanding.

Recognitions and Achievements

As the CNN Hero of the Year, Dr. Kwane Stewart will receive $100,000 to further his work with Project Street Vet. Additionally, he will be named an Elevate Prize winner, receiving $300,000 in funding and resources from The Elevate Prize Foundation. Alongside the other top 10 CNN Heroes, Stewart will also receive a $10,000 cash award and donation-matching up to $50,000 from The Elevate Prize Foundation.

The Elevate Prize Foundation will not only provide financial support but also offer organizational and capacity-building assistance to all the honorees. This recognition and support will enable Stewart to expand his outreach and make an even greater impact on the lives of homeless individuals and their pets.

A Personal Mission with Lasting Impact

Stewart's decision to start Project Street Vet was driven by his desire to save animals on his terms and for his own sense of healing. Witnessing the bond between pets and their homeless owners, he realized that their relationship was just as meaningful as any in a traditional home.

Through the work of Project Street Vet, Stewart and his team have treated thousands of animals and provided hope and dignity to their human parents. The organization has expanded to other cities in addition to its work in Los Angeles, including Orlando and Atlanta. Stewart's dedication to his cause and his willingness to go above and beyond have made him an inspiration to others.