Clown Cardio: A Wacky Workout with a Twist

Fitness and improv unite to form one wacky workout in Los Angeles.


The Unique Blend of Fitness and Improv

Whenever Alex Lee mentions Clown Cardio, he is met with some confusion. This hourlong session, which costs $20, incorporates theater games usually reserved for improv warm-ups and turns them into aerobic exercises with clown-themed props. Participants engage in activities like blob tag, musical chairs, circus tent Capture the Flag, and disorderly dance competitions. The goal is to emphasize play and let go of the notion of winning.

Finding Joy and Connection in Clown Cardio

Los Angeles, a city already home to a vibrant clown community, now offers Clown Cardio as a unique exercise experience. Conceived and launched in September 2023, Clown Cardio focuses on incorporating goofiness and physicality to bring joy to participants. Attendees of all genders and ages are encouraged to unleash their inner child, accessing their playfulness and letting go of seriousness. Many participants appreciate the opportunity to connect with others during the classes.

The Benefits of Laughter and Silliness

Laughter may not burn many calories on its own, but it provides a significant endorphin boost that can reduce stress over time. This is according to Prof. Sophie Scott, a neuroscientist specializing in laughter at University College London. Clowning and the popularity of activities like Clown Cardio may be a reflection of people realizing the importance of detaching, unwinding, and letting off steam. Laughter and silliness can enhance a workout by providing a break from seriousness and promoting a sense of fun and play.