Chanel takes over Manchester street with Metiers D'Art show

Last night, the fashion set decamped to Manchester for Chanel's annual Metiers D'Art show, where creative director Virginie Viard paid tribute to British fashion, and embraced the energy of one of the UK's most vibrant cities.


Chanel's Metiers D'Art Show in Manchester

Chanel's annual Metiers D'Art show took place in Manchester last night, showcasing the brand's latest collection and paying homage to British fashion. The show was held on a rainy street in the Northern Quarter, which added to the unique and unexpected atmosphere of the event. A-list celebrities such as Tilda Swinton, Hugh Grant, and Kristen Stewart were in attendance, sitting front row and later enjoying the bars and pubs that Chanel had taken over for the evening.

Manchester was chosen as the location for the show because the Chanel team wanted to celebrate the UK in a way that went beyond the traditional choice of London. Creative director Virginie Viard drew inspiration from Manchester's rich cultural history, particularly its music and nightlife. Viard sees Manchester as the city of music, a place that incites creativity and innovation.

The Inspiration and Highlights of the Collection

Tweed played a central role in Chanel's Metiers D'Art collection. However, instead of recreating Coco Chanel's iconic look of wearing the Duke of Westminster's jackets, Viard added her own twist. Drawing from Coco's legacy of bringing color to her tweeds, Viard infused the collection with a vibrant and pop spirit.

The collection pays tribute to British fashion and the energy of Manchester, incorporating elements of the city's music and nightlife. It is a celebration of creativity and embraces the eclectic and dynamic spirit of one of the UK's most vibrant cities.

For Chanel, the Metiers D'Art show in Manchester was an opportunity to showcase the brand's latest collection while honoring British fashion and the unique energy of the city. The rainy street setting and the presence of A-list celebrities added to the excitement and buzz surrounding the event.

Fashion Week Highlights

In addition to Chanel's Metiers D'Art show, the world of fashion has been bustling with other noteworthy events. Balenciaga's AW24 show in LA was a love letter to the city, while Paris Fashion Week showcased a range of designers and featured front row celebrities. Sarah Burton's final collection for McQueen was also a standout moment.

From Dior to Giorgio Armani, Milan Fashion Week had its fair share of star-studded front rows and glamorous parties. Gucci and Max Mara also made their mark with standout collections. The fashion world is abuzz with the latest trends and must-see moments, with each event capturing the essence of style and creativity.

As the fashion industry continues to thrive and evolve, these fashion weeks and shows offer a glimpse into the ever-changing landscape of style. From the runways to the front rows, fashion enthusiasts and industry insiders eagerly await each new collection and show, eager to embrace the latest trends and designs.