CEO Jeff Ready: Broadcom-VMware Backlash Is 'Blowing Up' And Scale Computing Is Capturing It With A 'Rip And Replace' Program

Scale Computing CEO Jeff Ready explains how the company is aggressively targeting the Broadcom-VMware customer and partner market with a 'Rip and Replace' program.


Scale Computing CEO Jeff Ready on the Broadcom-VMware 'Rip and Replace' Surge

According to Scale Computing CEO Jeff Ready, there is currently a surge in the demand for a 'Rip and Replace' solution among Broadcom-VMware partners and customers. The company has been inundated with inbound requests from VMware partners and end-users looking to switch to Scale Computing. There has been a four-times increase in inbound inquiries on a sequential month-to-month basis and an eight- to ten-times increase from a year ago.

In response to this surge, Scale Computing has launched a VMware 'Rip and Replace' promotion. The promotion offers partners a 25 percent discount on any VMware licensing that they move to Scale Computing. This discount provides a significant margin for the channel. For end-user customers, Scale Computing has agreed to match the equivalent price of their existing VMware licensing contract, eliminating the financial risk of the transition.

By offering this promotion, Scale Computing hopes to attract hundreds - and possibly thousands - of partners to its virtualization platform. Ready is determined to demonstrate that Scale Computing is the best company for both end-users and partners, not just in terms of technology but also in terms of the overall partner and customer experience.

CEO Jeff Ready's Opinion on the Broadcom-VMware Partnership

Ready is eager to establish Scale Computing as the preferred choice among partners and customers who are dissatisfied with the VMware experience. He believes that Broadcom, the parent company of VMware, does not understand how a partnership should work. Ready finds it 'insane' that Broadcom would simply terminate the partnership without considering the best interests of the partners and end-users. He aims to differentiate Scale Computing by providing superior technology and an exceptional partner and customer experience.

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