Qualcomm At MWC 2024: Spatial Computing, Loads Of AI And 5G/6G Demos

Qualcomm made several announcements at MWC 2024, highlighting its leadership in 5G, Wi-Fi, and spatial computing. The company showcased its advancements in AI integration and showcased new products such as the Snapdragon X80 5G Modem and FastConnect 7900 Wi-Fi 7 Chip. Qualcomm also announced its first Wi-Fi 7 solution for automotive applications and discussed its XR Hub concept developed in partnership with Vodafone. Additionally, Qualcomm introduced the AI Hub for developers and expressed its goal of enabling affordable 5G devices. The company also demonstrated its 5G Advanced and 6G R&D capabilities.


Qualcomm's AI Integration and Solutions

One of the main focuses of Qualcomm's announcements at MWC 2024 was the deeper integration of AI into its products. The company emphasized that AI has been a key accelerator for its products, providing unique capabilities that set it apart from competitors. Qualcomm continues to invest in its AI solutions to empower OEMs and developers to leverage its hardware platforms' built-in capabilities.

Snapdragon X80 5G Modem and FastConnect 7900 Wi-Fi 7 Chip

Qualcomm introduced its seventh-generation 5G modem, the Snapdragon X80, which features a maximum theoretical throughput of 10 Gbps downlink and 3.5 Gbps uplink. The X80 is the first 5G modem with integrated NB-NTN for satellite communications and supports six-carrier aggregation in Sub6 bands. Qualcomm also showcased the FastConnect 7900, its next-generation Wi-Fi 7 solution that provides enhanced power efficiency and a 40% power reduction compared to its predecessor. The FastConnect 7900 also offers improved RF front-end module offerings, enabling 50% RF power savings and a 50% reduction in size on the PCB.

Wi-Fi 7 in Automotive and XR Hub with Vodafone

Qualcomm announced its first Wi-Fi 7 solution for automotive applications, bringing enhancements to range, throughput, and power consumption. The QCA 6797AQ seamlessly integrates with other connectivity solutions in vehicles and allows for quick OTA updates and data transfers. Qualcomm also highlighted its XR Hub concept, developed in partnership with Vodafone. XR Hub disaggregates compute from the display in XR devices and utilizes Snapdragon AR2 Gen 1 chipset and Qualcomm's latest Wi-Fi products to stream graphics. XR Hub can also leverage fiber or 5G networks to connect to additional computing capability in the cloud.


Qualcomm's AI Hub for Developers and Affordable 5G Devices

To facilitate the deployment of AI models on Qualcomm's chipsets and devices, the company introduced the AI Hub. This library of fully optimized AI models supports various Qualcomm platforms, including smartphones, XR devices, and robotics. Qualcomm aims to make 5G smartphones more accessible and affordable, enabling a broader user base to benefit from 5G technology. By pushing for a two-antenna 5G Standalone solution, Qualcomm plans to bring 5G to more users and increase speeds compared to 4G in the same price tier.

5G Advanced and 6G R&D Demonstrations

Qualcomm showcased its ongoing research and development efforts in 5G Advanced and 6G technologies. The company demonstrated a Giga-MIMO prototype antenna array operating in the 13 GHz band, which could enable mid-band-like coverage at higher frequencies. Qualcomm also showcased its testing capabilities for non-terrestrial network satellite capabilities using its X80 5G modem. The company simulated satellite movement and demonstrated reliable connections, even for video calling. In addition, Qualcomm highlighted its spatial computing capabilities, including digital twin simulations and verification using automated guided vehicles.