Britney Spears Fires Back at Justin Timberlake for 'Talking S--t' at His Concert

Britney Spears called out ex Justin Timberlake for 'talking s--t' after he seemed to shade her at a recent concert when he told the crowd he is apologizing to 'f--king nobody.'


Britney Spears Responds to Justin Timberlake's Comments

After Justin Timberlake appeared to take a jab at Britney Spears during his recent concert, she took to social media to fire back.

On Instagram, she posted a photo of the moon framed inside a basketball net, along with a caption calling out people who talk negatively about her.

She challenged Timberlake, asking if he wanted to confront her or go home crying to his mom, and made it clear that she feels no remorse.

The Background of their Relationship

Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake had a high-profile relationship during the early 2000s. They met as Mouseketeers on Disney Channel's The Mickey Mouse Club, and their romance blossomed when Spears went on tour with *NSYNC.

Their relationship ended in 2002, and Spears has recently shared details about their time together in her memoir.

She revealed that she had an abortion while dating Timberlake and that he broke up with her via text message.

Apologies and Renewed Scrutiny

In recent years, both Spears and Timberlake have publicly addressed their past relationship and apologized for their actions.

Spears previously apologized for some of the things she wrote about Timberlake in her memoir and expressed her admiration for his new music.

Meanwhile, Timberlake apologized for his past behavior and acknowledged that he contributed to the problem during their relationship.