Brianna Ghey Case Highlights the Importance of Internet Safety for Parents

Detective calls on parents to monitor their children's internet use in light of the Brianna Ghey case


Internet Safety Advocacy

The detective who oversaw the investigation into the teenage killers of Brianna Ghey is urging parents to be more vigilant about their children's internet use. The case has brought attention to the need for parents to sharpen their internet awareness skills and actively monitor what their kids are viewing online.

During the trial, it was revealed that Girl X, one of the killers, had downloaded a special browser to access the dark web and watch snuff movies. She and her accomplice, Boy Y, had exchanged thousands of messages discussing torture and killing. The police believe they targeted Brianna, a transgender girl, because she was seen as 'accessible' and 'vulnerable'.

The Importance of Internet Awareness

Detective Chief Superintendent Mike Evans, head of crime at Cheshire police, emphasized the importance of parents being aware of their children's online activities. He questioned how well parents truly know what their kids are doing behind closed doors in their bedrooms and urged them to use this case as an opportunity to sharpen their internet awareness.

Evans highlighted that Brianna's murder should serve as a reminder for everyone to be more vigilant about what children are viewing online. He acknowledged that while this case is horrifying, it is crucial not to generalize and assume that all kids are consuming violent content or engaging in dangerous behavior.

Web-Savvy Behaviors and Missed Opportunities

During the court proceedings, it was revealed that Girl X had accessed the dark web using the Tor Onion Router browser app since the age of 14. She admitted to watching violent content, including murder and torture videos. Detective Evans noted that the sophistication of their web-savvy behavior showcased their intelligence.

While Evans acknowledged that it is difficult to determine if anything could have been done to prevent the murder, he mentioned a potential missed opportunity regarding an incident before the killing. Girl X had mentioned poisoning Brianna with red ibuprofen tablets. However, her mother believed she had eaten red grapes, and no one suspected foul play at the time.