Bill seeks to regulate online platforms to combat illegal content

The Ministry of Digital Governance is drafting a law to regulate online communications and transactions in an effort to combat the proliferation of online scams and illegal content.


Proposed law aims to monitor and control online platforms

The Ministry of Digital Governance is in the final stages of drafting a law to regulate online communications, information, and transactions. The goal is to protect users from online scams and general crime on the internet. The draft law, based on European directives, will introduce rules and control procedures for online platforms.

The main focus of the legislation is to address the problem of illegal content on social media and search engines. These platforms unknowingly contribute to the spread of illegal content, causing personal and social harm. The proposed law aims to monitor traffic on online platforms, including major ones like Alibaba, Aliexpress, Amazon, Appleā€™s App Store, and Google services.

By subjecting these platforms to oversight and control, the bill aims to improve mechanisms for removing illegal content and increase public oversight. The goal is to make the internet a safer space for users.

Supervision and enforcement responsibilities

The supervision and enforcement of the proposed law will be undertaken by various government bodies. The National Council for Radio and Television, the Hellenic Data Protection Authority, the Ministry of Development, the General Secretariat for Communication and Information, the Intellectual Property Office, and the Hellenic Industrial Property Organization will all play a role in ensuring compliance.

Additionally, the law will establish a register of intermediary service providers established in Greece. This register will define the procedures by which these providers will operate in order to bring order and enforce the rules.

By involving multiple government bodies and creating a register of service providers, the law aims to ensure effective oversight and enforcement, ultimately making the internet a safer environment for users.