Bill Belichick landing spots: Legendary coach running out of options as Falcons reach deal with Raheem Morris

Where Belichick could land with Atlanta going in another direction


Belichick's Options After Falcons Reach Deal with Raheem Morris

The Atlanta Falcons have reportedly reached an agreement with Los Angeles Rams defensive coordinator Raheem Morris to be their new head coach, leaving Bill Belichick with limited options. Belichick interviewed for the Falcons job and was considered a favorite, but with that position now filled, he only has two potential landing spots left. Earlier this week, it was reported that multiple teams were considering pursuing Belichick, but it remains to be seen where he will end up.

Could Belichick, considered one of the greatest NFL head coaches of all time, be left out of the game of NFL musical chairs? What are his remaining options? Let's explore some potential landing spots for Belichick.

Washington Commanders

The Washington Commanders are still in need of a new head coach. This job is considered attractive, with Josh Harris as the team's owner and Adam Peters as the new general manager. However, it seems that Detroit Lions offensive coordinator Ben Johnson is the frontrunner for the position. Since Johnson's team is still in the playoffs, he cannot yet make his way to Washington. According to sources, Washington has not shown any interest in pursuing Belichick, and it would be surprising to see him land there at the age of 71.

Seattle Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks are the other team that has yet to hire a new head coach. Considering the report that multiple teams were considering a late push for Belichick, the Seahawks could be one of them. However, it doesn't make much sense to replace a 72-year-old coach with a 71-year-old. The Seahawks have an impressive organization with talented players and should be an attractive job for potential coaches. They still have various options to choose from, including Belichick, Mike Vrabel, Dan Quinn, and Bobby Slowik.


Returning to the AFC East

Could Belichick end up with a former rival in the AFC East? The New York Jets have struggled for several seasons, and their current head coach, Robert Saleh, has not had much success. Although he seems to be safe for now, his record with the Jets is not impressive. The Buffalo Bills, on the other hand, have been a strong team but have fallen short in the playoffs. The idea of a motivated Belichick facing his former team twice a year to chase the all-time win record might be appealing. Both scenarios are uncertain, but they could be potential landing spots for Belichick.

Alternatively, Belichick could choose to take a year off. While most 70-year-olds consider retiring, it doesn't seem like Belichick is ready to do so. He is just 26 regular-season wins away from tying the record for the most wins in NFL history. He could take some time off or even work as a consultant for Jerry Jones before taking over as head coach of the Dallas Cowboys in 2024, replacing Mike McCarthy.