Eagles' Jason Kelce announces retirement after 13 seasons

Philadelphia Eagles player Jason Kelce tearfully announces his retirement after 13 seasons in the NFL.


Eagles' Kelce tearfully retires after 13 seasons

Philadelphia Eagles player Jason Kelce, known for his exceptional performance as a center, has announced his retirement after 13 seasons in the NFL.

Kelce made the emotional announcement during a press conference, where he expressed his gratitude to the Eagles organization and fans for their support throughout his career.

Tears filled Kelce's eyes as he reflected on his journey in the league, highlighting memorable moments and the camaraderie he experienced with his teammates.

Dak Prescott confident about Cowboys contract resolution

Dak Prescott, the quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, has expressed confidence in reaching a resolution regarding his contract with the team.

Prescott, who is seeking a long-term deal, stated that he is optimistic about the ongoing negotiations between his representatives and the Cowboys' front office.

Despite the contract discussions, Prescott remains focused on his preparation for the upcoming season and is determined to lead the Cowboys to success.

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