Beyoncé: Renaissance star loved country music as a baby, dad reveals

Beyoncé's dad reveals that she loved country music as a baby and discusses her new direction in the genre.


Beyoncé's Childhood Love for Country Music

Beyoncé's highly anticipated new album is set to be released next month and it's already making waves in the country music charts. Her song Texas Hold 'Em is the first by a black woman to debut at the top spot on the Billboard country chart. This pivot from R&B and pop may come as a surprise to some, but according to Beyoncé's dad, Dr. Matthew Knowles, it's always been a part of her. As a child, Beyoncé would spend summers with her grandparents in Alabama, who loved country music. They would sing to her, and at a young age, she developed a subconscious love for the genre.

Dr. Knowles believes that these childhood memories and influences may have played a role in Beyoncé's new direction in country music. Having managed Beyoncé until 2011, he wouldn't be surprised if these experiences influenced her musical choices. He sees this as an opportunity for Beyoncé to bring a completely new audience to the country genre and expand its reach.

Beyoncé's Previous Ventures into Country Music

While a full country album would be a first for Beyoncé, it's not her first time exploring the genre. On her previous album Lemonade (2016), she included a country song called Daddy Lessons. This song was submitted for consideration in the country category at the Grammys but was rejected by the Recording Academy. Beyoncé's new direction in country music has sparked discussions about representation in the genre, particularly for black and female artists. Despite some pushback, Dr. Knowles believes that Beyoncé's influence can help change these perceptions and introduce a whole new fan base to country music.

Diversity in the Music Industry

Dr. Knowles acknowledges that diversity in the music industry is heading in the right direction but still has room for improvement. To support rising stars, he has launched a scholarship in his name at the London College of Contemporary Music. The first recipient of this scholarship is Anna Prasek, also known as anMari, a Polish composer, singer, and pianist. She expresses her gratitude and hopes that the scholarship will allow her to continue pushing boundaries and trying new things in her music career.

According to Dr. Knowles, the music industry values uniqueness and looks for what's different. While there may already be established artists like Beyoncé and Taylor Swift, he believes there's always room for new talent and fresh perspectives. His advice for aspiring artists is to be disciplined, patient, and passionate, and to work hard to develop their own unique identity.