Best Pet Insurance Companies for Covering Curable Pre-Existing Conditions

Discover the best pet insurance companies that cover curable pre-existing conditions in this comprehensive guide from CNBC Select.


Understanding Pre-Existing Conditions

Pet insurance typically excludes health issues that your pet has been diagnosed with before purchasing your policy and completing the waiting period. These are considered pre-existing conditions, and your coverage won’t apply to these conditions.

However, some pet insurance companies distinguish between curable and incurable conditions, covering pre-existing conditions that have been cured for a certain amount of time, such as broken bones or respiratory infections.

Here, CNBC Select reviews the best pet insurance companies for covering curable pre-existing conditions and the terms of their coverages, such as waiting periods and deductibles.

Best Pet Insurance for Pre-Existing Conditions

Spot Pet Insurance: Spot Pet Insurance offers accident and illness coverage for cats and dogs with reimbursement rates, annual limits, and deductibles that can be customized to meet your needs and budget. They also offer the option to cover preventative care procedures for an additional fee. Spot does not have an upper age limit for new enrollments and includes coverage for microchipping as well as access to a 24/7 veterinary helpline.

Pumpkin Pet Insurance: Pumpkin Pet Insurance stands out for its high reimbursement rate of 90% on covered vet bills. They have a waiting period of 180 days for curable pre-existing conditions. Pumpkin does not have an upper age limit for new enrollments and includes coverage for prescription food, microchip implantation, and behavioral issues.

ASPCA Pet Insurance: ASPCA Pet Insurance allows you to customize your policy's coverage limits, reimbursement limits, and deductibles. They offer coverage for dogs, cats, and horses with a waiting period of 14 days for accident and illness coverage. ASPCA also offers a 10% discount on base plan premiums for additional pets.

Understanding Curable vs. Incurable Pre-Existing Conditions

Pet insurance companies differentiate between curable and incurable pre-existing conditions. Curable conditions are those that have been cured and free of treatment and symptoms for a certain period, usually between 6 and 12 months. Temporary illnesses like broken bones or respiratory infections may be eligible for coverage if considered curable by the insurance company.

On the other hand, incurable pre-existing conditions are diseases or illnesses that your pet will always have. These conditions are generally not covered if they were developed before purchasing the policy and completing the waiting period. Examples of incurable pre-existing conditions include kidney disease and diabetes.

It's important to note that the list of conditions considered curable or incurable can vary by pet insurance company. Therefore, it's crucial to review your policy carefully to understand what conditions are covered and when a condition can be considered curable.


Final Thoughts

Pet insurance is a valuable tool for covering the costs of unexpected veterinary care. While it won't cover chronic illnesses and incurable pre-existing conditions, it may provide coverage for small, treatable issues that your pet has faced if they've been cured and symptom-free for a certain period. It's important to read your policy carefully and understand the coverage limits and terms before purchasing pet insurance.

If you're concerned about a pre-existing condition not being covered, consider creating a separate emergency fund to cover your pet's expenses. A high-yield savings account can be an excellent way to keep that fund growing and provide peace of mind for your pet's future healthcare needs.

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