Best Early Cyber Monday Deals on AR and XR Glasses

Check out our top picks for the best early Cyber Monday deals on AR and XR glasses.


XREAL Air Glasses

If you're a serious gamer or work long hours, the XREAL Air Glasses could be the perfect solution for you. These glasses provide a large monitor screen experience in a small and lightweight package, allowing you to watch shows, play games, and work on the go without straining your neck and back.

The XREAL Air Glasses are highly recommended for Samsung device die-hards and hardcore gamers. They offer a comfortable and stylish entry point into AR and wearable technology, serving as both an external monitor and a 3D headset. Right now, you can grab these glasses for over $100 off on Amazon as part of their Cyber Weekend deal.

More Early Cyber Monday Deals

In addition to the XREAL Air Glasses, there are several other AR and XR glasses available at discounted prices for Cyber Monday. Here are a few more options to consider:

1. Rokid Max AR Glasses: Originally priced at $379, these glasses are now available for $299, saving you $80.

2. RayNeo Air 2 AR Glasses: You can save $30 on these glasses during Cyber Monday, bringing the price down to $349 from $379.

3. VITURE One XR/AR Glasses: With an on-page coupon, you can save $50 on these glasses, making them available for $389 instead of $439.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Gaming Deals

If you're a gaming enthusiast, don't miss out on the gaming deals available this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Along with the AR and XR glasses, there are numerous discounts on gaming consoles, accessories, and games.

Stay tuned for more updates on the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday gaming deals.