Bears GM: Quick Decision on Quarterback

Chicago Bears general manager Ryan Poles discusses the team's decision-making process at quarterback.


Bears GM on Quarterback Decision

Chicago Bears general manager Ryan Poles spoke at the NFL combine about the team's decision at quarterback. Poles stated that he has 'no master plan' to reveal and wants to move 'as quickly as possible.'

The Bears have the No. 1 pick in the draft and will choose between keeping Justin Fields or selecting a quarterback in the draft. Poles did not rule out the possibility of trading Fields before free agency begins.

Poles emphasized that if they were to trade Fields, they want to 'do right by Justin' and not keep him in a state of uncertainty. The organization will gather information and make the best decision for the team.

Timeline for Quarterback Decision

Poles expressed a desire to know which direction the Bears will go at quarterback as soon as possible. He mentioned that he would ideally like to have a decision before free agency begins next month.

However, Poles acknowledged that the process takes time and does not expect an immediate resolution. He highlighted the complexities of negotiating contracts and managing the draft process simultaneously.

Assessing Draft Prospects and Infrastructure

Poles and the Bears' front office and coaching staff are meeting with top draft prospect Caleb Williams and other quarterbacks at the combine in Indianapolis. Poles emphasized the importance of getting to know the personalities and 'wiring' of the prospects.

When asked about concerns that Williams or his representatives may have about playing in Chicago, Poles stated that he has 'no concerns' and believes the team has made progress in terms of providing a strong infrastructure for young quarterbacks.


Contract Negotiations with Jaylon Johnson

Poles provided an update on contract negotiations with cornerback Jaylon Johnson. He mentioned that conversations are going well and that the team is showing respect for Johnson's performance and turnovers created in the past year.

Poles expressed optimism about reaching a deal with Johnson and highlighted the strong financial terms being offered. He emphasized the opportunity for Johnson to continue earning money and playing well with the Bears.