AWS to Invest $15 Billion in Japan for Cloud Computing Expansion

Amazon Web Services (AWS) plans to invest $15.24 billion in Japan by 2027 to expand its cloud computing infrastructure that supports artificial intelligence (AI) services.


Amazon's AWS Plans $15 Billion Investment in Japan

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced its intention to invest 2.26 trillion yen ($15.24 billion) in Japan over the next six years. The investment aims to expand AWS's cloud computing infrastructure, which forms the backbone for its artificial intelligence (AI) services.

To meet the increasing customer demand, AWS will be expanding its facilities in Tokyo and Osaka. This investment follows the 1.51 trillion yen spent by AWS between 2011 and 2022 to build up its cloud capacity in Japan.

The expansion in Japan will allow AWS to provide generative AI services to corporate customers in the country. Japanese companies such as Asahi Group, Marubeni, and Nomura Holdings are already utilizing AWS's AI services.

Japan's Push for AI Development

Japan's government and corporate sector are actively working to catch up in AI development. Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has engaged with key players in the AI industry to discuss regulations and infrastructure.

In the past year, Kishida has met with the heads of OpenAI, creator of ChatGPT, and advanced chipmaker Nvidia to explore opportunities for collaboration and growth in AI.

The investment by AWS aligns with Japan's overall strategy to drive AI innovation and technologies in the country.


Amazon Web Services (AWS) is committing $15.24 billion to expand its cloud computing infrastructure in Japan, aimed at supporting AI services. With this investment, AWS aims to meet the growing customer demand and provide generative AI services to corporate customers.

This development is in line with Japan's efforts to boost AI development. Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has actively engaged with industry leaders to discuss AI regulations and infrastructure.

The investment by AWS will contribute to the advancement of AI technologies and innovation in Japan.