At 40, Chris Hemsworth has a new longevity workout routine — adding booty bands and going easy on weight machines

Chris Hemsworth, star of movies like 'Thor' and 'Extraction,' is focusing his recent workouts more on longevity instead of packing on as much muscle as possible, his trainer said.


Chris Hemsworth's Shift Towards Longevity

Chris Hemsworth, known for playing larger-than-life heroes with massive muscles, has changed his workout routine as he turned 40. According to his trainer, Luke Zocchi, Hemsworth is now prioritizing healthy aging instead of solely focusing on superhuman strength.

In the past, Hemsworth's workouts consisted of intense and challenging sessions. However, as he has gotten older, the emphasis has shifted to recovery and taking the time to warm up properly.

Zocchi, who has been training Hemsworth for 12 years, is part of the fitness team behind Centr, a health and fitness app founded by Hemsworth. The app offers various training programs, including resistance band workouts and meditation.

The Importance of Warming Up

Despite his role as a demigod and his impressive physique, Hemsworth understands the importance of preventing injuries and muscle strains. Zocchi revealed that their workout sessions always begin with a warm-up routine, which helps activate the right muscles and reduces the risk of injury.

Recently, Hemsworth has incorporated "booty bands" into his warm-up. These elastic resistance bands, placed around his ankles or thighs, help to activate his glutes and protect his lower back during leg exercises. According to Zocchi, this routine can be intense and is effective for a low-impact workout.

Zocchi also emphasized the importance of a strong muscle-mind connection, which can be achieved through resistance band training. Slowing down the movements and focusing on the targeted muscles can lead to better results.

Post-Workout Meditation and Recovery

In addition to prioritizing recovery through methods like ice baths, Hemsworth has started incorporating guided meditation into his post-workout routine. Using the Centr app, he and Zocchi engage in a guided downregulating meditation for a few minutes after their workouts.

This cooldown period helps activate the body's relaxation response, signaling the end of the fight or flight mode. Zocchi explained that this meditation practice helps reduce stress, promote faster muscle recovery, and potentially extend longevity.

Meditation is a simple and doctor-approved way to enhance overall well-being and improve longevity. Hemsworth's focus on recovery and mental well-being highlights the importance of a holistic approach to fitness.


Functional Strength for Longevity

While Hemsworth's physical transformation for superhero roles is well-known, his trainer now prioritizes functional strength over pure muscle size. Zocchi explained that excessive muscle mass hindered Hemsworth's agility and ability to engage in activities like surfing.

Their workouts now revolve around functional strength exercises that support everyday movements and improve stability, mobility, and balance. Exercises like sled pushes and pulls, farmer carries, and walking lunges allow Hemsworth to move well and feel good in his daily life.

Research suggests that having better stability, mobility, and balance contributes to longevity. Zocchi highlighted the shift from isolated muscle work on machines to full-body exercises that prioritize stability and strength simultaneously.