Art Week in Mexico City: The hottest local galleries in CDMX

Discover the best city center exhibitions during Art Week in Mexico City, featuring both big name artists and talented emerging artists from around the world.



Immerse yourself in the delightful confusion that is Dutch artist Matthias Schaareman’s Brick, Window, Paper series, exploring the tension between dimensions. His manipulation of lines and angles is easy to get lost in and his drawings are reminiscent of M.C. Escher, with colors akin to Kandinsky.

Showing through April 4.

Galerie Nordenhake

Guatemalan artist Naufus Ramírez-Figueroa uses vivid colors and distinct lines to visualize the mysterious Mesoamerican battle murals of Cacaxtla. He contrasts his interpretations of the battle’s historical significance with pops of modern-day elements on giant slabs of carved wood.

Showing through Feb. 17.


Jalapa-born Gabriel Orozco was part of a three-person team that brought to life one of Mexico City’s first contemporary galleries. The current exhibit showcases Orozco’s Tokyo-inspired leaf series and sculptures carved in volcanic stone.

Showing through March 23.


Le Laboratoire

In the gallery’s White Box situated inside the verdant courtyard of Hub G.56 is Horizon, an exhibition that brings together Georgina Bringas, Alois Kronschlaeger, and Luis Felipe Ortega. Horizon interprets linear stability through geometric expression and utilizes mediums such as acrylic, yarn, and aluminum.

Showing through March 3.

Galería RGR

Photography, humor, textiles, painting, and sculpture make up the eclectic exhibit, Jugar con los ojos cerrados (play with your eyes closed), displaying pieces from at least 25 international artists.

Showing through April 6.

Patricia Conde Galería

The salon’s exhibit features the black-and-white photos of 14 Mexican artists that examine life and society through tradition, interaction with nature, and the foundation of the daily habits we, as humans, all share.

Showing through March 2.


Fundación Casa Wabi

Emerging artist exhibitions are as carefully crafted as one would expect from Casa Wabi, playing on texture, color, light, and natural elements. The building itself is both fluid and stark, vacillating between stark, concrete walls and lush green gardens.

This show is ongoing at the time of publication.