Armada Raises More Than $55M to Bridge the Digital Divide

Armada, a pioneer in edge computing, has raised over $55M in funding to bridge the global digital divide and empower businesses and communities with connectivity and AI.


Armada Raises $55M in Funding to Bridge the Digital Divide

Armada, a leading edge computing company, has recently emerged from stealth mode with a successful funding round that exceeded $55M. The funding was led by prominent investors such as Founders Fund, Lux Capital, and Shield Capital, among others. The company's mission is to bridge the global digital divide by delivering internet connectivity, computing power, and AI capabilities to remote areas across the globe.

With the rapid advancements in IoT, AI, and infrastructure, there is a growing demand for intelligent edge computing platforms. As per Gartner's estimation, by 2025, 75% of enterprise data will originate at the edge. Armada aims to meet this demand by offering a full-stack infrastructure solution that can be deployed on both on-premise and cloud infrastructures. This enables businesses in remote regions, including utilities, infrastructure, military, and mining, to leverage generative AI and predictive models to enhance their real-time processing, analysis, and decision-making capabilities.

Introducing the Armada Commander Platform

The Armada Commander Platform serves as the central hub for managing and observing all edge operations. Through this platform, teams can purchase and control Starlink terminals, deploy and manage Galleon datacenters, unify IoT devices, and access the Armada marketplace for next-generation AI applications. It provides businesses with the necessary tools to create custom end-to-end edge solutions and optimize their operations.

Armada Commander also serves as the gateway to Armada Connect, an operating system specifically designed for Starlink and other IoT devices. Businesses can gain complete control over their Starlink deployments, with features such as observability, management, and billing. The Commander AI Assistant further enhances this system by providing real-time alerts, diagnostics, and troubleshooting support for smooth operations.

Introducing Armada Edge and Armada EdgeAI

Armada Edge is the Global Command Center for Galleons, connectivity, AI applications, and IoT assets. These ruggedized and mobile data centers provide significant compute and storage capacity, along with resilient connectivity. They are designed to support various data-processing and AI applications at the edge, enabling rapid worldwide deployment.

Armada EdgeAI encompasses a range of generative AI, multimodal AI, and real-time machine learning capabilities. These industry-specific applications can be accessed in the cloud and optimized for deployment on edge hardware, including Galleons. EdgeAI supports a diverse range of industrial applications, such as real-time visual inspection, predictive maintenance, robotics, and emissions monitoring.