Arizona HVAC Worker Saves Blind Bulldog from Drowning

An Arizona HVAC worker heroically saves a blind bulldog from drowning in a backyard pool.


Heroic Rescue by Hunter Hitchens

In a heartwarming act of bravery, an Arizona HVAC worker named Hunter Hitchens saved the life of a blind bulldog named Malone. Malone, a 10½-year-old, 60-lb. dog, fell into a backyard pool while her owner was not looking.

Hitchens was at the home to fix the heaters for the owners' parents when he noticed the panic of Slaughter's son's girlfriend outside. He rushed to the pool and extended his arms, pulling Malone to safety from the water.

Malone was barely able to keep her nose above the water, but Hitchens's quick thinking and love for pets saved the day. Slaughter expressed her gratitude, stating that she is thankful for Hitchens's presence and his love for animals.

The Unfortunate Accident

Malone's unexpected fall into the pool occurred while her owner, Kim Slaughter, and her family were staying at her parents' home during the construction of their new house. The change in environment and the chilly temperatures in the 30s made the situation even more challenging.

Slaughter had never encountered any problems with Malone and pools before, as they always made sure to keep her on a leash or under supervision. However, her parents' home lacked a pool fence, allowing Malone to accidentally fall into the water undetected.

The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of pet safety and the need for precautions, especially in unfamiliar surroundings. It also highlights the role of quick-thinking individuals like Hitchens who are willing to go above and beyond to protect animals in need.

A Lesson in Pet Safety

The incident involving Malone emphasizes the significance of pet safety and responsible ownership. While accidents can happen, taking necessary precautions can prevent potentially dangerous situations for our beloved pets.

Owners should always be vigilant when their pets are near bodies of water, especially if the pets have any disabilities or limitations. Having proper barriers, such as pool fences, and keeping pets on leashes or under constant supervision can greatly reduce the risk of accidents.

In this case, the presence of Hunter Hitchens, an animal lover and dedicated HVAC worker, proved to be a lifesaver. His heroic actions remind us of the value of compassion and the impact that a single person can have on the lives of others, both human and animal.