Apple Vision Pro teardown reveals the secrets of its mixed-reality magic

The Apple Vision Pro, Apple's latest gadget, is a mixed-reality headset that promises to immerse users in a new dimension of spatial computing. iFixit recently conducted a teardown of the device to uncover its inner workings and explore its unique features.


Challenging Teardown

The teardown of the Apple Vision Pro was a challenging task for the iFixit team. The device is complex and delicate, requiring heat, tools, and patience to pry open the front glass.

After successfully opening the device, a maze of wires, sensors, and displays was revealed. This further highlighted the intricate design of Apple's most advanced hardware.

Despite the challenges, the iFixit team documented the teardown process in a video and article, providing insight into the inner workings of the Apple Vision Pro.

Key Discoveries

During the teardown, several key discoveries were made. One interesting finding was related to the speaker stem, which provided spatial audio. It was surprisingly easy to remove using a SIM card ejector tool. However, the stems were also fragile and prone to breaking.

Another notable discovery was the EyeSight display, which is at the heart of the mixed-reality experience. Unlike typical displays, the EyeSight display shows multiple videos with different perspectives, creating a 3D effect. This innovative display technique solves the problem of low resolution and dimness experienced by some users.

Additionally, the teardown revealed the impressive array of sensors used by the Apple Vision Pro to track head, eye, hand movements, and environment. These include cameras, infrared emitters, accelerometers, and gyroscopes.

Praise and Criticism

The iFixit team praised the Apple Vision Pro as an 'insanely ambitious' and 'an engineering marvel.' They were impressed by the design and innovation but noted some flaws, including the weight, tethered battery, and lack of repairability.

Although the final score has not been given yet, the team hinted that it would be low. However, they appreciated certain connections and components and found delight in using the SIM card ejector tool on the speaker stems.

Overall, the Apple Vision Pro teardown provides a fascinating look at the technology behind the mixed-reality magic. It showcases Apple's commitment to pushing the boundaries of hardware design and innovation, while also revealing some trade-offs in terms of user-friendliness and sustainability.