Apple Vision Pro Owners Report Spontaneous Cracking and Other Issues

Early adopters of the Apple Vision Pro are reporting issues with spontaneous cracking and other common complaints.


Vision Pro faces 'spontaneous cracking' claims

Since the release of the Apple Vision Pro on Feb. 2, some Reddit users who own the AR/VR headset have noticed spontaneous cracking on their devices. These cracks are appearing in the same location, from the top to the bottom of the headset, where the curvy contour is most pronounced. The issue was first reported three days after the launch, with users claiming no impact or damage caused the cracks. Engadget has also reported a crack in the middle of its Apple Vision Pro unit. However, it's difficult to determine the extent of this issue based on a small sample size of customer reports.

4 more common issues among Redditors with complaints

In addition to spontaneous cracking, other common issues with the Apple Vision Pro have been reported on Reddit and Apple's online Support Community. One of the most frequent complaints is related to sound, with some users experiencing speaker band malfunctions after charging the device overnight. Eye tracking, poor low-light performance, and glare issues have also been mentioned by Vision Pro owners. While it's unclear how widespread these problems are, they seem to be the most commonly reported among Reddit users.

Despite these issues, it's important to remember that the Apple Vision Pro is Apple's first venture into mixed-reality hardware. As with any first-generation product, quirks and glitches are expected. Many reviewers have praised the Vision Pro as the top head-mounted display available on the market.


Although there have been reports of spontaneous cracking and other issues with the Apple Vision Pro, it's essential to consider that these may be isolated incidents. As the headset is Apple's initial foray into mixed-reality technology, it's not uncommon for there to be some technical difficulties in the early stages. Despite these challenges, the Vision Pro has received positive reviews for its overall performance and features. As Apple continues to improve and refine its mixed-reality offerings, we can expect future iterations to address and resolve these concerns.