Apple Vision Pro Headset Expected to Ship Soon

The highly anticipated Apple Vision Pro headset is on track to ship early next year, according to Tim Cook. The headset, which was revealed at the WWDC conference in June, is expected to be released in the US first, with a starting price of $3500. Apple Store employee training for Vision Pro is scheduled for mid-January, indicating that the release is imminent. However, there is some uncertainty about the exact date, with Bloomberg's Mark Gurman suggesting a release before March.


Apple Vision Pro Still On Track To Ship Early Next Year

Since officially revealing Vision Pro at its WWDC conference back in June, Apple has maintained a release window of 'early 2024'. Tim Cook has reaffirmed this window multiple times in recent months, including during the iPhone 15 launch event.

Apple also confirmed that Vision Pro will only be available in the US at first, starting at $3500, and then arrive in more (as yet undisclosed) countries 'later' next year.

During Apple's FYQ4 earnings call in November, Tim Cook also said Vision Pro will be 'in our stores only', but it's unclear if he meant that it will only be available in physical Apple stores, or whether he simply meant it won't be available in other retailers like Best Buy.

Apple Vision Pro Will Reportedly Have A Very Slow Rollout

According to reports, Vision Pro will have a slow rollout, with demos only available in a few major Apple Stores initially.

Apple plans to create dedicated spaces in these stores for customers to try out the headset and ensure the most comfortable strap size for their head shape.

It is likely that appointments will be required for purchasing, similar to how it was done with the original Apple Watch in 2015.

Apple Vision Pro Hands-On: A Glimpse Into the Future

Early hands-on experiences with the Apple Vision Pro headset have been highly positive, with many praising its advancements in personal computing.

This headset is being hailed as the future of technology, showcasing Apple's innovative design and capabilities.

As of now, Apple's official website still states that Vision Pro will be available early next year on and at Apple retail stores in the US.