Apple Vision Pro brings into focus Google's failure with AR

Apple's Vision Pro VR headset is being hailed as a groundbreaking device, but it is not the first of its kind, with other companies like Meta and HTC already offering advanced VR headsets.


Google's History of AR Innovation

Google was once at the forefront of AR innovation with its Google Glass, a futuristic-looking AR glasses that overlaid digital information over your vision. However, it lost its lead and shifted focus to VR platforms like Daydream. Its recent project, Project Iris, was abandoned in favor of AI.

Both Meta and Snap have their own smart glasses, but they aren't AR-capable like Google Glass was. Despite its shortcomings, Google Glass was ahead of its time.

Google's AR efforts have been inconsistent, with the company losing focus quickly after the hype around Google Glass died down.

Google and Samsung's Collaboration in AR

Google and Samsung are now collaborating on an AR headset under Project Moohan. However, their product may not be able to compete with Apple's Vision Pro, and there are internal conflicts within Google regarding the project.

After Apple's launch of the Vision Pro, Google and Samsung decided to push back their product to ensure it didn't seem half-baked in comparison. Some Google employees believe that even with the extra time, their product may not be able to match the Vision Pro's capabilities.

There are reports that Samsung is looking to take control of the hardware and close off access to Project Moohan from other Google employees, further complicating the situation.

The Future of AR

With Samsung and Google working closely together, there is a possibility of a mixed-reality headset in the future. However, it remains to be seen how it will compare to Apple's Vision Pro.

Apple has already taken the lead in the VR/AR space with the Vision Pro, and it will take Google a long time to catch up. A real product from Google and Samsung may not be just around the corner, and it's uncertain how well it will fare against the Vision Pro.

For now, Apple's Vision Pro has set a strong foundation for VR headsets in the Apple ecosystem, leaving Google and Samsung with a lot of catching up to do.